At Mississippi State University, the extraordinary happens every day. Students and faculty are making groundbreaking discoveries while solving real-world problems.






MSU Makes Big Investments in Tomorrow’s Leaders

Take a closer look at the evening news. Chances are those cars rolling off the assembly line, those efforts to eliminate starvation in developing countries, and even NASA’s latest space exploration are powered by ideas and research from Mississippi State University. 

As a global, diversified research institution, the institution is providing limitless possibilities for students to put new technologies to work, find new ways to feed the world, plan better ways to boost the nation’s economy, and prepare for the energy needs of tomorrow.

Since Mississippi State’s beginning in 1878, every accomplishment, every breakthrough, every idea – great or small – has been fueled by an unwavering determination to make a difference. From a comprehensive set of educational options and groundbreaking research to award-winning service initiatives and an environment that embraces intellectual and creative freedom, the Mississippi State experience is transforming and empowering communities throughout the world.

22,201 Students

From 50 States

From 88 Countries

With a record enrollment of more than 22,200, Mississippi State’s campus population is comprised of students from all 50 states and 88 countries. Evolving programs address current and future needs across a spectrum of disciplines, pioneering new frontiers and igniting the future.

Strengths include diversity, cross-campus collaboration and a supportive and nurturing environment for learning. Student-led teams are applying research to help eradicate world hunger, develop an eco-friendly car of the future, identify influenza vaccines for next season’s viruses and usher in a new era of unmanned aircraft systems. Researchers are halting malicious attacks on the internet, developing concussion-free football helmets, and introducing innovative imaging to better understand brain and spinal cord diseases in dogs and cats.

Mississippi State also is helping establish the next generation of business leaders and CEOs, training the on-air meteorologists of tomorrow, and partnering with NASA on future space exploration.

The university houses one of the world’s fastest academic computer systems, providing a vital resource to local businesses and industries. Recently, MSU launched an online archive of approximately five decades of agricultural seed technology research, ushering in a new era of open data and information sharing that will play an important role in improved global health, safety and food security.

Meanwhile, international collaborations such as the one in automotive materials engineering with the Université Internationale de Rabat in Morocco is providing opportunities to enhance education, research and economic development across Mississippi through the new relationship.



“We’re reaching beyond our own geographic footprint because we know that technology is making the world smaller,” said Keenum. “The global economy is our economy. World problems are our problems. Through our focus on research, we have the capability to help solve critical issues like hunger, which affects populations around the globe.”



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