As a premier research institution, Mississippi State University is focused on more than providing a world-class education. At MSU, we’re breaking through boundaries and creating the future.






The Future is Yours to Create at Mississippi State

Challenges facing the modern world can seem overwhelming at times. At Mississippi State University, every encounter is a call to action.

As global energy challenges intensify, we’re designing more resilient communities. As individuals at home and abroad struggle with hunger, we’re helping them produce food sustainably. As concerns grow about data protection and privacy, we’re making the internet safer by strengthening cybersecurity.

Those are just a few of the ways we’re confronting global challenges head-on at Mississippi State University. From groundbreaking research projects to award-winning service initiatives, the Mississippi State experience equips students with the knowledge and confidence to see beyond challenges and create the future.

22,000+ Students

From 49 States

From 84 Countries

With a record enrollment of more than 23,000, Mississippi State’s campus population comprises students from all 50 states, the territories of Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and Washington D.C., and 84 countries. In addition to a comprehensive array of educational options, MSU offers opportunities for students to lead in the classroom, on campus and in the community. Strengths include diversity, cross-campus collaboration and a supportive environment that embraces intellectual and creative freedom.

Through MSU’s leadership in domestic and international research consortiums, we’re spearheading advancements in unmanned aerial systems, enhancing aquaculture to eradicate global hunger, and developing improved curricula and training for the next generation of scientists and engineers. Our research networks open doors to enriching study-abroad opportunities in a variety of disciplines.

Student-led research teams at MSU are expanding the boundaries of technology to find better solutions. They’re protecting airplanes from lightning strikes, building crime-fighting robots, and producing the world’s first all-electric, autonomous SUV designed for on- and off-road driving. They’re also advancing smart-grid energy technologies, helping restore life-sustaining marshlands along the Gulf Coast and partnering with NASA on future space exploration.

Mississippi State houses one of the world’s fastest academic computer systems, providing a powerful engine that accelerates research efforts. By launching an online archive of approximately five decades of agricultural seed technology research, MSU is ushering in a new era of open data and information sharing that will play an important role in improved global health, safety and food security.

In the realm of health care and medicine, MSU researchers are studying machine-learning techniques to predict heart disease, using virtual reality to improve communication skills in children with autism, and identifying solutions in the advancement of diabetic wound care. Building on a century of success, MSU’s Extension Service offers education-based programs to improve health care in rural, medically underserved communities.

Innovation also is a hallmark of MSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine, one of only a few in the country that provides two full years of clinical experience. Research areas in which our veterinary students are excelling include rescue and rehabilitation of vulnerable marine animals along Mississippi’s Gulf Coast and pioneering life-saving breakthroughs in the diagnosis and treatment of pet diseases such as cancer and epilepsy.


Mississippi State also is helping establish the next generation of business leaders and CEOs. At MSU’s Center for Entrepreneurship & Outreach, the university fosters innovation and entrepreneurship by helping students plan, launch and grow successful companies. Supported by a broad network of MSU alumni and supporters who mentor, coach and invest in new companies, the E-Center has established Starkville as a thriving startup hub for the Southeast.

While the future is our focus, MSU values the knowledge that can be gained from studying the past. As home of the Ulysses S. Grant Presidential Library and Frank and Virginia Williams Collection of Lincolniana, MSU is one of the nation’s foremost repositories for Civil War research and one of just six universities in the U.S. to house a presidential library.



“This is an exciting time in MSU’s history. We’re experiencing unprecedented growth along with increasing recognition of our accomplishments,” Keenum said. “We’re capitalizing on what makes our culture unique and the many ways we’re making a positive impact on local, national and global stages. Great things are always happening at Mississippi State.”



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