At Mississippi State University, the next generation of cybersecurity professionals is being trained at one of the country’s leading programs.





MSU’s Cybersecurity Education Programs Stand Out Among Nation’s Best

Emerging technology and ever-increasing use of network technology have increased the nation’s vulnerability to cyberattacks. One of the nation’s best cybersecurity programs is MSU’s. Our innovative research programs offer hands-on opportunities for students to learn both theoretical and practical applications of all aspects of cybersecurity, from reverse engineering and defending against viruses to disarming malware and blunting penetrations.

Recognized nationally for its leadership in cyber security, MSU is one of only a few schools in the U.S. to hold all three of the National Security Agency’s centers of academic excellence credentials: CAE Cyber Defense, CAE Cyber Research, and CAE Cyber Operations. Classes reach beyond basic information and computer security to include digital forensics, cryptography, network security, risk management and security policy. These courses are enhanced by faculty from multiple academic disciplines who engage students in hands-on government research projects.

Components from the departments of computer science and engineering, electrical and computer engineering, and management and information systems contribute to the cutting-edge curriculum. The academic program leverages MSU’s Center for Cyber Innovation, where a multi-million-dollar research program offers hands-on research experiences for graduate and undergraduate cybersecurity students.

Part of the High Performance Computing Collaboratory at MSU, CCI’s primary focus is to research, prototype and deliver cutting-edge cyber solutions that support global national security, homeland security and peacekeeping operations. This research greatly benefits from MSU’s world-class high performance computing assets, including Orion, the nation’s fourth fastest academic supercomputer site.

Working in close collaboration with the National Security Agency, CCI is providing commercial cyber certification training across the Department of Defense. CCI also administers significant student scholarship programs from the National Science Foundation and the National Security Agency. In fact, MSU’s National Science Foundation CyberCorps scholarship program is the 4th largest in the country.

Graduates of MSU’s CyberCorps program experience 100 percent job placement and have a broad range of potential career opportunities, including government service in support of national defense. Potential employers such as the Central Intelligence Agency, Corps of Engineers, National Security Agency, Defense Information Systems Agency, Department of Energy National Labs and others conduct private interview sessions on campus with students.



“Employers come to us because of the reputation that MSU has for producing students who can perform on Day 1 after graduation,” says Hamilton. “Cybersecurity is one of the millennium’s most exciting fields, and our students are leading the way.”



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